Non-wovens and Filterings

Beside constant updates and the complete nature of the Non-woven range, the real central, driving element is the experience acquired long years spent in contact with every industrial sector and the in-depth technical knowledge of the different product filtering systems used around the world.  

It is on this basis that the effectiveness of results and customer satisfaction stem: 3-S Engineering is able to suggest the best solution for the Non-wovenW filtering medium, in liquid filtering processes and for the construction of cartridges, guiding the customer in the choice of the most suitable Non-Woven. Naturally, all of this takes place at the most competitive levels and offers the best possible service.
Applications mainly regard the filtering of industrial liquids (emulsions and cutting oils used as coolants and lubricants on machine tools, washing liquids, water for civil and industrial uses, edible oils and fluids, etc.) and NW for the construction of cartridges. However, these applications can also be extended to all merchandising sector (such as layers of composite materials, mould detachment aids, protective sheaths, waterproof and absorbent coatings and well as filtering covers
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