Special Brushes and Roller Brushes

For our Roller Brushes we use Novofil plastic filaments and various types of special wire as well as stainless steel wire, brass wire, brass-coated steel wire, tampico fibre, Bessemer steel wire and phosphor-bronze wire, natural hair and mixtures.

  • Degreasing, washing and cleaning,
  • Activation of strip surface,
  • Roll cleaning and polishing,
  • Strip polishing and finishing,
  • Scale removal,
  • Roll coating control,
  • Transport roll systems for HHT furnaces and high temp applications,
  • OSBORN HDL brush rolls,
  • NOVOTEX non-woven rolls,
  • Vacuum squeezing systems -MASROLL-

Ready to Roll. Anywhere!

  • Idler-Rollers and Rails for Precise Guidance of Heavy Loads in Harsh Environments
  • High quality treads for a wear-resistant outer shell and though inner core
  • Precision bearings withstand both high radial and thrust loads
  • Tightly sealed to exclude harmful contaminants such as dirt, sand, moisture
  • Lubricated for life and maintenance-free
  • High operation speeds
  • Temperature extremes
  • Metric and inch sizes up to Ø 300 mm (12")
  • High-strength steel rails are extremely loadable, straight and twist-free
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